Geoffrey Fitzwilliam, Designer/Craftsman/Artist

These renderings represent my current work. These pieces have been commissioned and are currently under construction.

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I am very excited about building this piece. The overall design is one which combines a variety of Arts and Crafts elements, but some in a more Oriental proportion. The sides are carved in an established 'Art Nouveau' poppy pattern, which pushes the craftsman style just a little further down the road. The actual carving is in low relief in the style of the native people of the Northwest. The doors are built of tongue and groove bead board. The entire cabinet is constucted of cherrywood, which is great for carving.

The sideboard pictured here is in the same basic style as the armoire pictured above. This piece is to be constructed in quartersawn white oak. I am hoping that this piece and more pieces like it will help establish this style as a distinctive but respectful alternative to the ubiquitous Stickley.

This is an ensemble of two Craftsman chairs and a drum table designed at the turn of the century. When finished they will complete a lawyer's Arts and Crafts style office.

This is, of course, is the desk that accompanies the Craftsman chairs pictured above. It is again in our progressive style, all to be built in mahogany. There is also to be a credenza, the design of which we are still iterating. I think this will make a very impressive centerpiece; I am very excited about the development of this line.

We are also very excited about this piece. It is an opportunity to add sculptural value to an entry table and marks what we hope will become a fundamental shift in our future work. It represents a group of male flamingos in a mating dance supporting a glass table top.

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